Oregon Solar Panel Installation

Embrace energy independence and stabilize your electricity expenses with National Solar's home solar solutions. Harness the power of clean, renewable energy directly from your rooftop. Our flexible financing options and customized solutions are designed to meet your unique needs, giving you the power to create and manage your own energy. Take the first step towards a sustainable, cost-effective future for your home with National Solar.

30% Tax Credit

All of our customers qualify for the 30% U.S. Federal Tax Credit (ITC)

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Financing available

Affordable purchase options available for qualified homeowners.

You own the system

Energy independence and freedom to give you and your family complete peace of mind.

Solar panels designed to outperform

Dependable, durable high-performance solar panels engineered for North American homeowners. Featuring 9-busbar technology that maximizes energy collection and conversion while high-efficiency, half-cell design improves performance and durability. The REC Alpha 420 has an all-black design that looks clean and elegant.

REC Alpha 420 Solar Panels

We partner with the best. If you are looking at solar panels for your home in Oregon, the REC Alpha 420 solar panel is a superior choice for longevity, performance, and durability in the Pacific Northwest climate.

Wide fluctuation of temp

Leading temperature coefficient means more energy as temperature rises

Snow approved

Support bars protect cells and glass from bending under load

25 year warranty

Product, performance and labor warranty when installed by National Solar, a ProTrust Installer with REC.

Lead Free

Lead removed from all panel components, including cell connections, cross connectors and junction box soldering

Advanced solar panel monitoring

Generac Power Gateway Monitor

Every customer gets a user-friendly gateway for system monitoring.

Performance monitoring

Real-time performance monitoring of your entire solar system.

System health

Real-time alerts for any issues or drops in efficiency.

Wifi enabled

Accessibility from anywhere in your home.

Plug & play

Complete plug and play setup for ease of use and connects to your existing home setup.

Why we choose REC Alpha Solar Panels

Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology

Unlock peak solar performance for your home with REC Alpha Pure panels: superior temperature resistance, high power density, and accelerated ROI.

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Advanced cell connection technology

Elevate your solar efficiency with REC Alpha Pure panels: enhanced wire count, solder-free cells, stunning aesthetics, and eco-friendly production

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Gapless cell layout

Cutting-edge cell layout for maximum sunlight capture, high power density, compact size, sleek design, and MLPE compatibility.

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Pioneering panel designs

Award-winning twin design: lower resistance, superior reliability, increased energy yield in shade.

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Super-strong frame

These panels are built for durability and performance. They feature support bars that protect the cells and glass from bending under load, with an impressive load capacity of 7000 Pa. This means your panels will keep performing well throughout their lifetime.

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Lead free

Boost your environmental impact and lower your overall carbon footprint even more.

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Have questions about going solar?

No door-to-door sales, only your questions answered.

Benefits of going solar

Installing a new energy source has advantages for you, the environment, and the future.


Over its lifetime, the CO2 emissions offset of a solar array system is equivalent to the impact of planting an entire forest of trees.


With the 30% federal tax credit and generous state incentives, solar has never been more affordable! You’ll also save considerably on your utility bill.


Going solar yields savings for decades to come, adds value to your home, and passes on a legacy of renewable energy for future generations.


We do it all: system design, permitting process, financing, site inspection, single-day installation, and more.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Whether your objective is economic savings, environmental preservation, stress reduction, or a combination of many, the ample energy above us holds the potential to energize your life.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Many may not be aware, but we are immersed daily in the world's most potent energy source—the sun. By harnessing clean, solar energy, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Energy Independence

Why rely on external entities to transmit electricity across extensive distances via an aging grid? Solar power empowers you to break free from the constraints of an aging grid and costly fuel sources, allowing you to take charge of your energy future while reducing environmental impact.

Recognized and Highly Rated

Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program Approved Contractor

Trusted partner for solar and storage solutions, approved by the Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program.

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Recognized as Top 5 Solar Companies in Bend, Oregon

We're proud to be among Bend's top 5 solar companies, leading the way in clean energy solutions for our community.

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Excellence Recognized: 4.6 Stars on Solar Reviews.com

Our 4.6-star rating on Solar Reviews.com reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in solar solutions.

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Energy Trust of Oregon Preferred Contractor since 2009

We've exceeded the Energy Trust of Oregon standards for incentives and installation requirements since 2009.

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Hear it from our customers

"I am so happy with this company! I contacted another solar company several years ago and had nothing but problems with them. I was hesitant to try again. I found National Solar and had a very rewarding experience with them. Pat, my project manager explained the entire process, made it easy to understand and answered all of my questions. The installation crew was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. They even suggested adding a generator plug. My installation was quick and I now have solar. THANK YOU. Pat and his team are GREAT!"

Cheryl Farrell - Google

Review from Google

"Of the six companies I contacted initially, National Solar was the one that sounded and acted most competently. The initial visit involved a thorough explanation of the system and its function, and we were pleased to sign the contract. The contractor and installation crew were prompt, competent and helpful. Last week 23 panels were installed, and yesterday the utility came out to replace the meter. Within 10-15 minutes, the system was up and functioning. This morning I was informed that one of the microinverters was not communicating, and a repair ticket was filed by the contractor to fix it properly. Overall, we are Most pleased and feel we were well-treated. I can recommend National Solar without reservation."

Don Homuth - Google

Review from Google

"Friendly Staff. Competitive pricing. Professional installation. After being cold-called by another company I reached out to National Solar for a competing bid. The sales consultant was friendly and knowledgeable. Everything he promised was delivered in a timely manner. The process was smooth and now I am generating energy on my roof and couldn't be happier."

Markus B - Google

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