Oregon Battery Storage Installation

With National Solar's solar and battery solutions, experience uninterrupted energy supply, regardless of your local grid connection, time of day, or weather conditions. Our superior solar + battery storage solutions ensure that you have reliable backup power whenever you need it.

Create and store your own power with a battery storage system

PWRcell Energy Storage System

We partner with the best. If you are looking at a brand new rooftop solar installation with battery backup, the PWRcell Energy Storage System from Generac can give you that battery backup that will keep your home powered 24/7 using the energy from the sun.

Battery Storage System from Generac
Reliable backup power

The PWRcell ensures your home remains powered 24/7, providing a dependable battery backup that keeps your lights on even during extended power outages, making it a critical component for energy resilience.

Seamless Integration with Solar

Designed to work hand-in-hand with your rooftop solar installation, the PWRcell stores excess solar energy for use when the sun isn't shining, ensuring a continuous power supply day and night.

Extended Energy Storage Capacity

A single PWRcell battery cabinet can store up to 18kW of energy, providing enough power and capacity to support most homes during multi-day outages, with the option to combine multiple batteries for even greater capacity.

Rapid Response to Outage

With the ability to restore power to your home's circuits in under a second after a grid failure, the PWRcell offers near-instantaneous protection against interruptions, meaning you may not even notice when the grid is down.

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Whether your objective is economic savings, environmental preservation, stress reduction, or a combination of many, the ample energy above us holds the potential to energize your life.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Many may not be aware, but we are immersed daily in the world's most potent energy source—the sun. By harnessing clean, solar energy, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Energy Independence

Why rely on external entities to transmit electricity across extensive distances via an aging grid? Solar power empowers you to break free from the constraints of an aging grid and costly fuel sources, allowing you to take charge of your energy future while reducing environmental impact.

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"I am so happy with this company! I contacted another solar company several years ago and had nothing but problems with them. I was hesitant to try again. I found National Solar and had a very rewarding experience with them. Pat, my project manager explained the entire process, made it easy to understand and answered all of my questions. The installation crew was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. They even suggested adding a generator plug. My installation was quick and I now have solar. THANK YOU. Pat and his team are GREAT!"

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"Of the six companies I contacted initially, National Solar was the one that sounded and acted most competently. The initial visit involved a thorough explanation of the system and its function, and we were pleased to sign the contract. The contractor and installation crew were prompt, competent and helpful. Last week 23 panels were installed, and yesterday the utility came out to replace the meter. Within 10-15 minutes, the system was up and functioning. This morning I was informed that one of the microinverters was not communicating, and a repair ticket was filed by the contractor to fix it properly. Overall, we are Most pleased and feel we were well-treated. I can recommend National Solar without reservation."

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"Friendly Staff. Competitive pricing. Professional installation. After being cold-called by another company I reached out to National Solar for a competing bid. The sales consultant was friendly and knowledgeable. Everything he promised was delivered in a timely manner. The process was smooth and now I am generating energy on my roof and couldn't be happier."

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