Solar Energy Company in Bend, Oregon

Keep the power on day and night with solar panels and whole home battery storage systems.

National Solar is your trusted partner for solar & battery storage. With 15+ years of experience, enhancing the lives of over 3,000 families with solar.

Solar Company in Bend Oregon
Unlock Endless Energy
Power Your Home
Slash Your Energy Bills
Say Goodbye to Power Outages
Invest In Your Future
Brighten Your Life
Unlock Endless Energy
Power Your Home
Slash Your Energy Bills
Say Goodbye to Power Outages
Invest In Your Future
Brighten Your Life

Energy solutions for your life, peace of mind for you.

Generate your own energy, save money, and prepare yourself for the future.

Solar Panels Oregon

Solar Panels

Produce your own clean, renewable, solar energy to power your home.

Solar + Battery Storage

Create and store your own power, for use when nature is calm, or when backups are needed.

Standby Generators

Always ready, reliable and affordable backup power when you need it most.

Benefits of going solar

Installing a new energy source has advantages for you, the environment, and the future.


Over its lifetime, the CO2 emissions offset of a solar array system is equivalent to the impact of planting an entire forest of trees.


With the 30% federal tax credit and generous state incentives, solar has never been more affordable! You’ll also save considerably on your utility bill.


Going solar yields savings for decades to come, adds value to your home, and passes on a legacy of renewable energy for future generations.


We do it all: system design, permitting process, financing, site inspection, single-day installation, and more.

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Whether your objective is economic savings, environmental preservation, stress reduction, or a combination of many, the ample energy above us holds the potential to energize your life.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Many may not be aware, but we are immersed daily in the world's most potent energy source—the sun. By harnessing clean, solar energy, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Energy Independence

Why rely on external entities to transmit electricity across extensive distances via an aging grid? Solar power empowers you to break free from the constraints of an aging grid and costly fuel sources, allowing you to take charge of your energy future while reducing environmental impact.

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Recognized and Highly Rated

Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program Approved Contractor

Trusted partner for solar and storage solutions, approved by the Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program.

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Recognized as Top 5 Solar Companies in Bend, Oregon

We're proud to be among Bend's top 5 solar companies, leading the way in clean energy solutions for our community.

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Excellence Recognized: 5.0 Stars on EnergySage Reviews

Our 5.0-star rating on Energy Sage reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in solar solutions.

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Energy Trust of Oregon Preferred Contractor since 2009

We've exceeded the Energy Trust of Oregon standards for incentives and installation requirements since 2009.

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"I feel that I can recommend National Solar wholeheartedly and without reservation! All the folks that I dealt with were friendly, courteous, and professional. It was just so easy to work with them! They took care of all the paperwork, permits, authorizations, etc. leaving me with nothing to do but sign on the dotted line. Installation was on-time and quickly accomplished. Finally, the price was right. I researched other providers and National Solar made me an offer I couldn't refuse! Thanks, National Solar!"

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